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Announcements : Study Abroad Planning by Country

Announcement: Study Abroad Planning by Country

A Google Sheet is provided with helpful links to keep students informed of their study abroad options.
The Study Abroad Office will not be updating the below Google Sheet beyond June 14, 2021.  We provided the sheet below in order to keep students informed of their summer and fall study abroad options as they made decisions about where and when to study abroad.  We are now working with individual participants on the specifics of their chosen destination for summer and fall 2021.

Please review the Google Sheet, updated every Monday, for information on your prospective country of study.  This information is based on a variety of sources and may change as countries evaluate the COVID-19 crisis within their own country and with respect to foreign nationals.  The information is to assist you in making an informed decision about your country of study and whether there may be a better choice based on the ability to enter and have a valuable, in-person experience in the summer and fall.  

Students who are applying for spring, summer, and fall 2021 are not required to obtain physical signatures on a course approval form.  Electronic course approvals, such as by email, will also be due after the deadline passes so that students and faculty do not approve classes for universities that are impossible to attend due to COVID-19 restrictions.