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Course Approvals

Course Approval Email Process

The course approval process will help you determine how courses might count toward your degree program.
UM Study Abroad now accepts emailed course approvals.


  1. Email the corresponding department and request an evaluation of the selected study abroad course(s).
  2. Forward any course approvals to your Study Abroad Advisor so that approvals can be added to your Study Abroad application.
    • Include any attachments

Example Email
Dear Professor,

I am considering studying at ____________ (name of university or program) next __________ (summer, fall, spring). I would like to take the following course which requires departmental approval:


Please see the attached course syllabus/description and let me know if this course is equivalent to any course offered in the department. If there is not an exact match, could this course count as a special topics course? Thank you for your review and consideration.

Your Name


  • UM Study Abroad cannot guarantee particular course credit without having course approvals on file listing every class taken abroad.
  • Credit earned on UM study abroad programs count as resident, ABCDF credit.  There is no Pass/Fail.
  • UM academic departments, schools, or colleges are not obligated to accept abroad courses as any particular UM credit toward major or minor degree progress.
  • If the course does not match a UM course then it may be evaluated to earn the following course credit:
    • GLS 111 – Global Topics Abroad I
    • GLS 311 – Global Topics Abroad II
    • GLS 396 – Global Internship Abroad
    • GLS 511 – Global Topics Abroad III
  • Language courses approved do not guarantee placement at the same level by the study abroad provider or host institution, nor the actual level of UM credit to be earned. A student may be placed in a more elementary or more advanced class(es), affecting the level of UM credit to be earned. The level of UM language course credit to be earned is subject to review upon placement and/or upon receipt of the final transcript from the study abroad program.
  • It is the responsibility solely of the student participant to seek course approval for each and every course taken abroad and to ensure that each course approval is submitted to their advisor in a timely manner. If a student changes abroad courses after submitting a course approval, they must seek approval for any new course(s).
  • The University of Mississippi uses the following credit equivalencies for credits earned at European universities that use the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), and for UK universities that use the Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (CATS) or the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF):
    • 5 ECTS credits are equal to 3 UM credits
    • 10 CATS or SCQF credits are equal to 3 UM credits
  • For semester programs, all UM students must enroll full-time at the host institution and must complete the equivalent of at least 12 UM credits. Mississippi residents, however, may be required to complete the equivalent of at least 15 UM credits during a semester abroad for financial aid purposes.
  • Transcripts for study abroad programs must be sent directly to the UM Study Abroad Office (NOT to Admissions and NOT to the Registrar’s Office). Abroad transcripts can be significantly delayed and may not arrive for up to 90 days or more after the end of the abroad program. In the meantime, the student’s grades for the term abroad will automatically change to “I” until the actual final grades can be posted. This could affect your eligibility for financial aid and/or enrollment in future academic terms, your degree progress and/or your intended graduation date.