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Non-UM Programs

The UM Study Abroad Office is confident in its ability to offer programs that meet the needs of all UM students.  Programs that are approved by the University of Mississippi benefit the student because they carry resident, UM credit and allow for most financial aid to apply.  Approved programs include any programs that are found as a result of a search on the Study Abroad Office website.  

However, occasionally students apply to study on programs with which UM does not have an approved partnership.  There are many reasons that UM would not have an approved partnership, including but not limited to a saturation of programs in a particular destination, equivalent programs through approved partners, limited demand for a particular destination, or cancelation of a partnership due to past negative experiences.  We would be glad to share our knowledge of any non-UM programs, available alternatives, and past experiences in order for students to make an informed decision about their program.

If a student chooses to study on a non-UM program, the following will apply:
  • Credits earned on a program that is not approved by the University of Mississippi will earn TRANSFER credit hours.
  • Students participating in non-UM programs will not be enrolled at the University of Mississippi during their term abroad.
    • This can affect financial aid, graduation, honors status, etc. upon return to campus.  

All coursework on a program independent of The University of Mississippi Study Abroad Office will be recorded on the UM transcript as transfer credit hours. In order to post transfer credits properly, you are required to complete a Transfer Credit Approval Form to determine how the credits and grades may be posted. This process is completed through meeting with your academic advisor, depart­ments, and academic dean. If the courses are entered in the Transfer Equivalency Database through the Registrar’s Office, the courses must transfer according to the database.
  • If the transcript will be issued by a UNITED STATES institution, the grades earned will be posted as ABCDF grades on the UM transcript.
  • If the transcript will be issued by a FOREIGN institution, the grades earned will be posted as ZWIF grades on the UM transcript.
  • In all instances of transfer credit, the exact course equivalencies do not appear on the UM transcript but are listed as earned hours in the transfer credit section of the UM transcript.  There is no guarantee that transfer credit hours will count toward graduation requirements.

Students should register online with the Study Abroad Office through  The cost to transfer credit is $250 per transcript.

In order to avoid delays in processing the non-UM transcript, please be sure to arrange delivery of the transcript to the following address:
Study Abroad Office
The University of Mississippi
P.O. Box 1848
318 Martindale
University, MS 38677

By email: