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Study Abroad Correspondents

Be a Study Abroad Correspondent!

abbey bruce

In our attempt to share your experiences online with students woefully stuck in Oxford for the semester or year, we would like to request your help in increasing our online engagement by becoming Study Abroad Correspondents for the duration of your time abroad.  

If you do become a Study Abroad Correspondent, we expect you to complete these tasks while abroad.
- Submit blog posts on our student-run blog:

It's easy!  All we ask is that you submit 2 blog posts (with text, photos, videos, etc.) per month for semester students and one per week for summer students.  You can submit more frequently of course.  The blog posts will also need to be appropriate for publishing on a University of Mississippi website.  If you currently maintain a blog or will be blogging during your semester abroad, you can copy and paste posts from your personal website easily.  

- Engage with our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts by mentioning, liking, tweeting, etc. (@rebelsabroad)  We will give you access to the accounts that require it.  We would love a few takeovers too!

- Take a UM Flag with you as you travel and take photos with the flag and post to our social media!  You can also throw up a landshark every once in a while!  
bree in france
Even if you don’t want to be a Correspondent, please use our hashtag #rebelsabroad if you post on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!  Here are our accounts:
Twitter: @rebelsabroad
Instagram: @rebelsabroad
Snapchat: rebelsabroad

If you are chosen to participate, we will send additional details including detailed terms and instructions.  We have ten scholarships for $250 each available for the semester.   Summer awards are $40 per post, per week (a four week program with four posts will be a $160 award).  Scholarships will be disbursed the semester after you study abroad.  If you do not complete the requirements, we reserve the right to deny you the scholarship or grant a smaller scholarship based on your engagement and participation.  Scholarships will be granted based on merit and need.  Submit the essay to apply!