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LGBTQ+ Students

One of the greatest joys of studying abroad is to witness and experience the cultural, political, and economic structures that shape the social climate of a particular country or region that is different than your own. These experiences, while often positive, can also contribute to bouts of culture shock. For students who identify as LGBTQ+, researching and learning about the sociocultural norms and attitudes towards your sexual or gender identity can help prepare you ahead of time to help reduce certain negative impacts of culture shock. Below is a comprehensive collection of resources from the LGBTQ+ community to help you stay informed and prepare, as well as shed light on some personal experiences.

Travel Resources

NAFSA’s Rainbow Special Interest Group (Rainbow SIG)
  • Scholarships, resources, and newsletters
Spartacus Gay Travel Index
  • Includes a wide variety of news, blogs, and country-specific information for LGBTQ+ travelers
Transrespect v. Transphobia Worldwide (TvT)
  • TvT is an organization that dedicates itself to gathering the expertise of trans activists from around the world, providing comparative qualitative-quantitive research on 190 countries
  • Travel and culture website focused on LGBT-Gay life globally, including in-person stories, archived news reports, and photos.
  • Easily search for country-specific content! Governmental Travel Resources National Center for Transgender Equality

International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association
  • IGLTA is an association of tourism businesses that welcome the LGBTQ+ community
  • Check out the hundreds of personal travel and business blogs from 80+ countries
General Blog Posts

International Social Justice Resources

OutRight Action International 
ILGA World

Affiliate Resources and Scholarships


Student Perspectives

Many of our partner organizations operate student-run blogging programs! If you are interested in hearing from LGBTQ+ study/intern abroad alumni, the following blog posts may assist in addressing concerns and getting you excited for your own study abroad experience!

Arcadia CAPA CEA CIEE Global Experiences IES
  • The LGBTQ+ Study Abroad Student Experience Personal Blog Directory
    • 6 Students Share Their LGBTQ+ Study Abroad Experience
    • Finding an LGBTQ+ Community Abroad: Alum of the Month Neal McKinney
    • Gaining Independence Abroad: Alum of the Month Max Freeman
    • Coming Out While Studying Abroad: Alum of the Month Steve Streich
    • Student Voices – Examining Identity Within the Study Abroad Experience
    • Student Voices – A Queer Student’s Perspective in Morocco
    • World of Difference Alumni Profile – Samekh Harris Reed
    • World of Difference Alumni Profile – Marlowe Padilla
    • Marching to the Beat of Social Justice: Thoughts on Global Citizenship from John Luke Hawkins
  • Posts and news tagged LGBTQ+
    • What life is like as an LGBTQ+ student at the University of Sussex
    • Misinterpreting “Know the climate of your host country”
    • Somewhere in the rainbow: Celebrating pride in Wellington
    • Everywhere is a classroom: Learning through internships abroad
    • Seeing through a different lens: The benefits of study abroad as an LGBTQ student
    • Does toxic masculinity exist in London?
    • Some things to keep in mind when being queer in India
    • A new kind of pride: Being LGBTQIA+ in India
    • On nightlife, drag, and identity expression in Buenos Aires
ISA  ISEP SAI  SIT Programs focused on Sexuality and Gender Research
  • Memory and Social Activism through the Arts (Summer Only)
  • Social Movements and Human Rights (Semester Only)
  • Social Justice and Human Rights (Semester Only)
  • Comparative Education and Social Change (Semester Only)
  • Cultural Identity, Social Justice, and Community Development (Semester Only)
  • Borders, Identity, and Community Resilience (Semester Only)
  • Virtual Internship in Sexuality, Gender & Non Government Organizations (Summer Only)
  • International Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender (Semester Only)
  • Gender Politics and Women’s Rights (Summer Only)

Campus Resources

Sarah Piñón Blair McElroy, Office of Global Engagement
LGBTQ+ Programming and Initiatives at UM Appointment Calendar