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Housing Options & Meal Plans


**You are free to choose the housing accommodation that best fits your needs. We have both on-campus and off-campus options. Please carefully explore the options and let us know if you have any questions. 

On-Campus Housing

The majority of students who choose the on-campus housing option will be placed in a contemporary residence hall - Residence Hall 3 (RH3). These are double occupancy rooms (shared bedrooms). Residents in our contemporary halls enjoy in-room bathrooms, study rooms on each floor, conference rooms, community kitchens, and lounges with TVs on each floor. Each room includes a microwave/fridge. More information and current rates can be found at and pictures of the facility can be seen here.

Students living in RH3 will most likely have an international student. They will be a part of our international student living community. Roommate requests are possible. In order to request a roommate both students must email and confirm who they wish to room with. If both students submit the request prior to room assignment and complete the Housing application on time they will be placed together. 

An on-campus meal plan is NOT required, but recommended, please see more information below.

All students living in on-campus facilities will have to follow policy and procedures as stated by the University and Department of Student Housing. For information about these policies and procedures for things like housing contract, room changes, alcohol use, visitors, etc. please visit

Applications will be typically become available in May for the following fall semester and October for the following spring semester. We will notify all admitted students when they can apply for on-campus housing.

***Students applying through special programs may be placed in a dorm other than RH3 depending upon program requirements. Specifically, students required to have an American roommate will likely not be placed in RH3 as that is our international student living community and students placed there have an international roommate.***

Off-Campus Housing - Requires Independent Booking

There are many other off-campus housing options available to students. The best place to start looking is
If you choose any of these housing options you must arrange accommodations on your own. Please remember that some apartments are not within walking distance of campus  and are not on a city bus route. 
No matter where you choose to live off campus, be sure to request a written lease from your landlord including:
  • a description of property and total number of people allowed to live in the property,
  • specific occupancy dates/length of lease,
  • subletting allowance,
  • deposit requirements,
  • monthly rent amount and due date,
  • how utilities (electricity, cable, water, etc.) are handled,
  • and responsibility of maintenance and repairs. 
We understand that choosing a place to live can be difficult. One of our former exchange students (Fall 2017) took the time to gather a list of pros and cons for the most popular housing choices. We are updating this pros and cons list during the Spring 2020 semester. 

Housing Comparisons

On-campus housing

          Residence Hall 3 
 291 Rebel Drive, University, Mississippi 38677
Room features
  • Shared bedroom/bathrooms
  • Community kitchen
  • Fully furnished
Amenities (on campus)
  • Gym
  • Food court
  • Student union
  • Community lounges
Pros and cons
+ Free Wi-Fi
+ Walking distance to classes
+ Trash, water, cable are free
+ Free shuttle to downtown
+ Free maintenance

- Shared room and bathroom (with one other person)
- More expensive than off-campus housing
- Shared Kitchen (every room has its own microwave and fridge)
- Pay for washer and dryer
- Cannot receive mail (would have to purchase mailbox)
- No visitors after 2:00 am
- Kitchenware and bedding are not included

Off-campus housing

      The Hub at Oxford
  109 Anchorage Road, Oxford MS 38655‚Äč
Apartment features
  • 1-5 bedroom apartments
  • Single bedrooms, all private bathrooms
  • Walk-in closets in each bedroom
  • Fully furnished 
  • Washer + Dryer
  • Gym + yoga room
  • Steam room + sauna
  • Pool + hot tub
  • Study rooms + computer room
  • Clubhouse (ping pong, pool, nintendo switch etc)
  • Volleyball + basketball court
  • Fire pit + grilling station
Pros and cons
+ Campus shuttle
+ Less expensive than on-campus housing
+ Fast Wi-Fi included and free
+ Trash, water, sewer, and cable are FREE
+ Free shuttle to downtown Oxford
+ Free maintenance
+ Resident + social events

- Electricity not included (split between roommates)
- Kitchenware and bedding not included

        The Quarters
101 Creekmore Blvd, Oxford MS 38655

campus creek
Apartment features
  • 3-4 bedroom apartments
  • Single bedroom, all private bathrooms
  • Walk-in closets in each bedroom
  • Washer and dryer
  • Tv included
  • Gym
  • Pool
  • Computer lab
  • Clubhouse
  • Volleyball + Tennis court
Pros and cons
+ Campus shuttle
+ Trash, water, sewer, and cable are free
+ Free maintenance
+ Less expensive than on-campus housing
+ Resident events

- No shuttle to downtown
- Kitchenware and bedding are not included
- TV is not included
- Frequent internet outages

              U Club Townhomes
              100 U Club Cove, Oxford MS 38655

u club

For Fall 2022, we have been informed that U Club Townhomes does not have short term leases available (5 months). 

Apartment features
  • 3 bedroom townhouses
  • Private and shared bedrooms
  • Walk-in closets in each bedroom
  • Washer + dryer
  • Fully furnished
  • TV included
  • Gym
  • Pool + hot tub
  • Study rooms
  • Clubhouse
  • Volleyball + ping pong
  • Grilling station + fire pit
Pros and cons
+ Campus shuttle
+ Free maintenance
+ Shuttle to downtown
+ Less expensive than on-campus housing
+ Free Wi-Fi
+ Free shuttle to downtown

- No short term leases
- Kitchenware and bedding are not included


Visit the Ole Miss Dining website for more information about locations, current menus, and meal plan options. The Meal Plan 101 site is helpful in understanding different terminology associated with our meal plan options, like "Flex Dollars" or "Meal Swipes". In addition to the dining halls we have a lot of on-campus dining locations where you can either pay for your meals or use your dining or flex dollars. 

Starship Delivery: Ole Miss recently introduced the Starship Deliveries program. When you first see these little robots traveling around campus, you might be curious what they are doing. They deliver food! If you want to use Starship Delivery on campus you can, you just need the iPhone or Android app! They deliver food from a variety of our on-campus vendors. Starship Deliveries


From fast food to James Beard winning restaurants, Oxford has many venues for you to try amazing food! Explore the dining options on the Visit Oxford website. In addition, there are several grocery stores and markets if you want to cook for yourself.
Approximate costs for off-campus meals:
Breakfast: $5-10
Coffee: $2-5
Lunch: $5-15
Dinner: $10-25
Dessert: $3-6