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Photo Contest

Photo Contest

Submit some pictures for the Study Abroad Photo Contest.  You can see past submissions on our Facebook page.  Submissions must be made by October 20 of each year by email to, preferably high resolution so we can see them in all their glory.  You can also submit a thumb drive to our office (318 Martindale) if you prefer.  Submit as many as you want!

Winners will receive a scholarship, a print of your photo, and bragging rights!  First Place ($300), Second Place ($200), Third Place ($100), and Honorable Mention ($50) will be awarded.  Funds are disbursed as a scholarship through your Bursar Account.  Students who submit photos agree that submissions may be used for promotion, either online or in print.

We love to see your faculty members in their elements too, so send those on to us - anything we could use for promoting study abroad to students at Ole Miss.

Video Volunteers

We would also like to create some videos for future students to watch and learn about your experience.  These videos will only be a few minutes long, and we would like to have a few perspectives on the topics below.  Please email to volunteer, and we will schedule a time for you to come in!

Topics may include: 
- Why should students study abroad?
- Budgeting for your program
- Living in a Home Stay
- Using Public Transportation
- Food Allergies and How to Manage Them Abroad
- Meeting People/Locals Abroad
- Adjusting to Classes Abroad
- Extracurricular Activities
- Technology Use Abroad (Skype, Wi-Fi, Cell Phones, etc.)
- ANYTHING YOU THINK MIGHT BE HELPFUL!  Please feel free to suggest topics.