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Passport Acceptance Facility


The Study Abroad Office, located in 318 Martindale-Cole, is an authorized Passport Acceptance Facility.  You do not have to be a UM student or employee to submit an application at the Study Abroad Office.  We welcome all applications! 

On-site services include:
  • Accepting and mailing United States passport book and passport card applications

Book an appointment now!

Appointments must be scheduled using the online appointment calendar.

In order to accept your application, please bring in the following items:
  • Passport Application
    • There are several different applications.  The US Department of State has a list of applications that are necessary depending on age, whether you are a new applicant or have had a passport in the past, etc.  Please visit the US Department of State website to find the appropriate application.
  • Supporting documents
  • Photo
    • Local acceptable photo locations are CVS, Walgreen's, and The UPS Store.  The photo must be a passport-sized photo (2" x 2"), in color, and on photo paper.  Other requirements apply.  Visit the US Department of State's website for guidelines on passport photos.
  • Passport Fees
    • These fees are determined by the US Department of State.  Current passport fees are noted on its website.
    • The passport fee must be submitted as a check or money order.  One check or money order is made out to the US Department of State to be sent with your application, and the fee is based on the service you have requested.  One check or money order is made out to the University of Mississippi for the execution fee ($35).
    • Checks cannot be temporary checks.
    • We cannot bill to the Bursar Account.

Passport Renewals
  • Applications for passport renewals are often able to be done by mail.  To check eligibility for renewal by mail, visit the US Department of State website regarding renewal by mail.
  • Note: Our office cannot process renewals unless you meet certain requirements.  Please click here to see if you are eligible for renewal in person at the Study Abroad Office.
Travel within Three Weeks
  • If you are traveling within 3 weeks of application, you should apply at a National Passport Center.  Expedited applications can be made at the Study Abroad Office; however, if you are departing less than 3 weeks from application, to be safe we recommend that you make in-person arrangements at a National Passport Center.
Please email with any questions.