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Race and Ethnicity

At the University of Mississippi Study Abroad Office we are dedicated to helping all students pursue international experiences.  Why should you study abroad?  Studying abroad helps you to develop personally, professionally, and academically.  Being culturally competent and globally aware can help you not only in the classroom but also as you prepare to enter the work force. 

The Study Abroad Office offers a wide array of programs that meet the needs of students with a variety of academic, cultural, or geographical interests.  Whether you’re already a world traveler, have never left Mississippi, or fall somewhere in between, we feel confident you’ll find a program that piques your interest.  Students can go abroad for as short as one week or as long as one year, or participate in multiple programs over different terms!  Students can study with a group of UM students and faculty or independently through an exchange or affiliate program. 

Helpful Resources

All Abroad
  • A resource guide created by UCLA’s Center for Global Education, offering helpful information and advice on a variety of topics including diversity abroad. Their Group Specific Advice page has questions that different mentors answered that provides valuable insight. 
Diversity Abroad
  • Diversity Abroad provides resources to assist students from all backgrounds with their study abroad plans. Their Minority & Students of Color Abroad page has some helpful tips. 
Project for Learning Abroad, Training, and Outreach (PLATO)
  • PLATO provides information relevant to diverse students who study abroad. Their website provides study abroad guidance geared toward specific racially and ethnically diverse student populations.
The World Is In Your Hands
  • "The World Is In Your Hands" is a guide from the University of Pittsburgh for African-American students studying abroad. This guide has interesting personal insights from students who studied in different countries and through different programs on their experience as an African-American study abroad student. 
The University of Minnesota has videos and additional resources that focus on Student Experiences abroad from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds. 


Did you know that you may be able to use your Financial Aid to cover costs associated with your study abroad program?  We encourage you to talk with a study abroad advisor and the Office of Financial Aid to understand how your financial aid package will apply to your study abroad experience.

There are a wide variety of scholarships available to students interested in going abroad. Some that particularly pertain to racially or ethnically diverse students include: 

Campus Resources

Center for Inclusion and Cross Cultural Engagement
Division of Diversity and Community Engagement
The Louis Stokes Mississippi Alliance for Minority Participation