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As students search for their “best fit” institution and plan for their trip abroad, questions frequently arise. Below are some questions that our students ask when they travel abroad. 
If you have questions that are not answered here, please feel free to send them in an e-mail to, and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.
When should I arrive at the University of Mississippi?

Check the program dates for your session and the Arrival Form for the official arrival day each semester. A free shuttle from Memphis International Airport is provided on the Official Arrival Day each semester from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. If you plan on arriving before the Official Arrival Day you will need to secure a hotel room at the airport until the Official Arrival Day or secure a shuttle to Oxford and stay in a hotel until housing opens on the Official Arrival Day.
What will we do during Welcome Week?

During welcome week, we will provide you with a plethora of fun activities. When you arrive, you will receive a folder with important information including your health center appointment time, the semester activities, campus map, academic advising appointment, and so much more! In addition, we will have orientation sessions, tuberculosis testing, academic advising sessions, and events planned for you prior to classes starting.
Can I take Intensive English courses while abroad?

Intensive English language courses are offered to exchange students. Students who do not have a sufficiently high level of English proficiency may enroll full time in the Intensive Language Program. Courses are offered to exchange students at the Advanced and Advanced Plus level, and the schedule corresponds with the University’s academic calendar. Students may enroll concurrently in Intensive English and academic courses. Intensive English courses are credit bearing and will count towards your total credits of enrollement. For more information on language courses, check out the Intensive English Program. Registration of these course will occur during Welcome Week.
If campus is closed, what do I do during holidays and vacations?

Most residence halls and dining facilities are closed during summer and winter break. Residence halls, on-campus dining, and administrative offices are also closed during holidays. Many of our visiting students take this time to travel to nearby cities, catch up on homework, and relax. 
How much money should I budget for my semester in Mississippi?

Depending on the agreement between your university and the University of Mississippi, you may be responsible for all of your personal expenses including: housing, meals, books, local transportation, special class fees, and personal entertainment and spending money. A Declaration of Fees and Scholarships is included in your Admissions Packet and Orientation Folder for your reference and explains exactly what fees you should be prepared to pay while at UM. Depending on personal spending habits, your monetary needs will vary. 
How many credit hours do I need to take and how are University of Mississippi classes set up?

While your home institution sets the policy regarding the award of credit for coursework completed on an exchange you will need to enroll in a minimum of 12 U.S. credits each semester (6 each summer term). You are responsible for knowing your home institution’s policies and procedures regarding course requirements. At the University of Mississippi, students are issued a syllabus at the beginning of each course. The final grade for the course is based on class participation and attendance, daily assignments, tests, papers, class presentations, and examinations. The weight of each task and how it is incorporated into the final overall grade is at the discretion of the professor. All classes are required to hold a final exam, whether it be an in-class test or a paper due during exam week. More information on course offerings and requirements can be found on the Academic Information page.
What is the “student health service visit” and what do I do about health insurance while in the United States?

All incoming exchange students (except for ISEP) are required to purchase health insurance. In order to register for courses, students must present a proof of MMR vaccinations before arrival. All international students are required to complete mandatory tuberculosis testing upon arrival. The international student advisor will schedule your health center visit. When you arrive, you will receive a folder with important information including your health center appointment time. Our exchange students must first participate in tuberculosis testing before registering for classes. We complete tuberculosis testing during welcome week in an effort you have you registered for courses as early as possible. After you have completed tuberculosis testing, we have you meet with an academic advisor who will help you navigate the course registration process. The university health insurance is provided by a company called Aetna. This video is a helpful resource and explains how health insurance works in the United States. 
How do I get my final transcript sent to my home university?

Students studying in the fall semester should expect their UM transcript to arrive at their home university in February. Spring semester and full-year students should expect their UM transcripts in late June. Official transcripts will be sent to your home institution only if all holds on the student account have been removed and your UM Bursar Account shows a zero balance. Students who would like an additional transcript may purchase one through their MyOleMiss account. 
What types of housing options are available?

There are two main housing options for visiting international students spending a semester or year at the University of Mississippi: on-campus residence hall or off-campus apartments. Check out the Housing page for more information.